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Review of 'Granny's Garden'

Rating:2 User: YOR

After finishing off Super Gran, I couldn't resist but to pick this next one by myself. It's an educational game that was played in schools and is still for sale today at a very expensive price, because 4Mation are assholes like that. The first thing we do is find the magic tree of the 12 you are given, you can wrong 11 times in a row and still be able to progress with the last one, super duper. Then it's onto the Kingdom of the Mountains where the game gets super awkward and rude. It asks if you have a password, which I don't, fair enough, then it asks "Do you see a cave", I answered no and it replied "Yes you can", and then it asked "Do you want to go in", again I answered no and it replied "Yes you do" and it just forces you in, charming. Anyway, the King and Queen of the Mountains have been locked away by a wicked witch and we must rescue their children, six of them, King's got some pretty fast sperm don't he? First we must rescue Esther and we have the King and Queen's raven to help us. There are different educational challenges throughout the game, the first of which is to find the word "hidden" in the cottage before we can enter. Then we have different rooms to enter and each one has a scenario regarding your next move, pick up a broom or don't look in the pot or not, throw something at the snake etc etc, and it feels like a riddle more than anything. With Esther rescued and no I'm not spoiling it, we now have a password for the Kingdom of the Mountains, and after answering yes it asked "are you sure you have one", like would little Yorick tell any lies about a password? Bloody hell. Anyway Tom is next to rescue in the Giant's Garden, and now a talking toadstool has been enlisted to help, because, yes. We have to reach the other side of the garden with the help of some creatures, a worm, a bee, a snail, a spider and a butterfly. This makes much more sense than the first puzzle, you're given a scenario, you choose which creature can help you, very simple, very effective, much more like it, although the way the scenes are played out are weird, like how big are these creatures to be able to help you or perhaps how tiny are you? So onto side two and this time we need to rescue Clare and Anna in the City of the Dragons, and this time we are greeted by...Ah-Choo who has a chronic sneezing problem. In this game we have to tame four baby dragons by giving them their favourite food and putting a collar on them, or something like that, I messed up, failed and my quest came to a premature end, or perhaps this went on way longer than it should have. I mean it seems like a well-written game but in essence it's billed as an educational game but it doesn't really feel educational. Would young Yorick learn anything from this, no. 4Mation likes to think this is a big thing for kids, for schools, but really it's not, it's just a bland adventure game with boring puzzles and almost no replay value at all. It certainly wasn't worth what they charged for it back in the day and it certainty isn't worth what they are charging now for an up-to-date version of it.