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Review of 'Lorna'

Rating:4 User: p13z

This is a Spanish game from 1990, so I knew nothing of it until much later on in the days of emulation.
It is a notable game in a few respects. The primary hook is the graphical depiction of the title character. Lorna, it would appear, is something of a 'hottie'. It is an ambitious feat of a game, featuring bold colourful graphics, parallax scrolling and pseudo 3D effects. In many ways it succeeds.
It seems to be heavily inspired by games like Savage, with the same scrolly jumpy fighty gameplay and even the weird flying-into-the-screen levels included. Pretty much; "like Savage, but with even better graphics", "YEAH", "and boobs", "YEEHAAAA", "arse?", "HELL YEAH".
Is it fun and addictive? Meh, though I suspect my 1990 self may have had more enjoyment from it.