Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Trap Door, The'

Rating:5 User: p13z

Don (genius) Priestley's tie-in arcade adventure.
Trapdoor is a demonstration of Priestley's mastery of the Spectrum hardware. Trapdoor, and other games in what came to be his trademark 'mahoosive graphics' style, were quite jaw-dropping for some of us when they were released. Not just technically impressive, it captures the humour, look and charm of the claymation cartoon perfectly. The huge sprites, beautifully animated backgrounds and little details all fit together and draw you right in.
Carrying out the tasks and puzzles in the game is reward in itself, like interacting with a well scripted and genuinely funny cartoon. There really isn't much bad to say about this game at all, yes it has a relatively slow pace, but it feels like the appropriate pace.