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Review of 'Highway Encounter'

Rating:5 User: Matt_B

After the huge hit that was Knight Lore there was something of an unseemly rush to get other isometric games on the market. Whilst most of these were vastly inferior clones, Vortex instead took things in a different direction with this game.

You play the role of a group of, somewhat suspiciously Dalek-like, Vortons on a mission to deliver a weapon called the Lasertron down a highway in order to thwart an alien invasion

Whilst it retains the puzzle element of Knight Lore, it's missing the ability to jump on and pick up objects. However, it's fast; fast enough to make a good shoot 'em up with waves of aliens coming towards you in need of a good blasting. Despite how much action there is on the screen, there's rarely much evidence of slowdown either.

With only 32 screens, it's a bit small compared to other isometric arcade adventures, however, and the linear nature of the highway doesn't help. Still, what's there is still a decent challenge and there's the nice bonus of a great animated ending sequence when you've done it.

This is arguably the best game Vortex ever produced and a seminal isometric classic. A sequel, Alien Highway, offers more of the same.