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Review of 'Skool Daze'

Rating:5 User: winston

Skool Daze is simply a legend in its own lunchtime.

Naturally, a legend in a school lunchtime.

In this game, you play the hero, Eric. A misunderstood youth by his teachers (So disruptive, says one. Basically, he is very lazy, says another), and he's going to be in a whole load of hot water when the school report arrives.

So the only solution is to get the combination to the safe, and steal the report.

As Eric, you have to break all the shields in the school to get the secret combination to the safe from the teachers. This wouldn't be so hard if it wasn't for the small detail of being compelled to attend lessons, and of course, not get caught doing your deeds by the teachers - or being grassed up by the school swot.

The teachers are the usual bunch of varied people you find in any school - a brutal headmaster, who walks around menacingly with his cane, the gentle and eccentric science teacher, the geography teacher who wants to appear cool to the kids but never quite pulls it off, and the history teacher that's older than most of the history he teaches. Then there's your mates - the school bully, the kid who thinks he's too cool, the swot, and of course all the anonymous little kids you want nothing to do with - well, except to occasionally knock down to use as a jumping stool to get a particularly inaccessible shield.

The game is very well presented, and extremely engaging. A nice touch is being able to change the names of all the main characters - and who doesn't change the teachers names to match your own school teachers? It is just as unfair as a real school - you get into trouble for things you didn't do, and because of school overcrowding, you sometimes get shoved out of your chair and even though it wasn't your fault, you STILL get the punishment. And at the end, there's always the desperate attempt to halt the inevitable, and with the day of reckoning nigh as you have more than 10,000 lines, and Mr. Whacker, the headmaster, is marching purposefully towards you to expel you...and you just need one more shield to win... oh, the frustration!

Skool Daze is simply one of the classic games of its day. It is very simply, excellent in every respect.