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Review of 'Head over Heels'

Rating:5 User: Matt_B

The influence of the Ultimate games such as Knight Lore is obvious, although Head Over Heels improves on their game mechanics in several subtle fashions; there's little evidence of slowdown in busy rooms and intelligent use of depth cues makes it less likely to completely misjudge the position of objects in 3D space.

Jon Ritman's excellent programming and game design is perfectly complemented by Bernie Drummond graphics which managed to achieve the unique feat of out-cuting Ultimate with some superb design work. It's a big game, and requires much mapping and practice to complete, but it's largely a fair one and well worth the effort.

Head Over Heels represents the plateau of isometric arcade adventures started by Ant Attack four years earlier. That its achievements are largely evolutionary rather than revolutionary shouldn't take anything away from that.