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Review of 'Chaos'

Rating:5 User: Morkin

My all-time favourite Speccy game, and probably in my top 5 of all-time games on any format. Surprisingly, its release at the time completely passed me by, possibly because it was relegated to minimal column space and small B&W screen shots in the magazines. I eventually started playing it after discovering it in the late 80s.

Why do I rate it so highly? It's the only game that I've played for decades, and still play today. If you don't like elements of luck in your games you may not like it, but unlike a lot of strategy games of its time, the random selection of spells that your wizard gets makes every game unique and gives it chess-like levels of variation.

It takes a bit of time to become acquainted with what all the spells do (there are quite a lot), and the strengths and weaknesses of the monsters you can summon. As you further master the tactics of the game you get to learn movement limits and aiming methods. Everything you can learn helps to push that percent-of-success needle slightly higher.

Plan for a defensive war of attrition, and let the other wizards slug it out, or exhibit a display of power against your nearby rivals? Risk a mis-summon, or opt for an illusion? If you're getting overpowered, do you play for a draw or go for a risky wizard vs wizard attack?

Look past the basic graphics and try to master the spells and tactics, and you'll uncover a game with incredible depth.