Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Skool Daze'

Rating:5 User: Alemâo

Skool Daze is a true wonder of digital fun and entertainment.
The first thing I should say is that I am not a #FAN# of video games, they are something that I like and appreciate, but I understand that to be really interesting they must go out of the way and propose new challenges.

This game is one of those that best achieves that goal.
It's funny how David S. Reidy didn't really seem to be a dedicated video game programmer but instead entered that world out of a sense of opportunity. Without a doubt that relative ignorance of the world of videogames helped him create one that went beyond the canons. Add to that Keith Warrington invaluable artistic help and ... the combination of all those factors was great.
With Skool Daze you can relive childhood. (Or you could, I remember it was very popular with Spectrum gamers.)

That aspect of having so much freedom of action that you don't even have to know the objective or the mission is a winning detail.
In fact, so many have played Skool Daze with no clue what to really do, and still love the game.

Probably the least aged game of the entire Spectrum catalog