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Review of 'Skool Daze'

Rating:5 User: toxic

I had the illusion to review one of my favs before 2020 end, so high quality review I was preparing for it because it's precisely illusion the graphic engine of this GAME; anyway here it is:

This is a school that is "alive". That is, things continually happen. You cannot pretend to stand still and do nothing and nothing happens to you. As in a (real world) school you have to fulfill your student obligations and as in a (real) school you are not alone, you have companions. And as in a school (again, a real one) unforeseen events and adverse situations happen that must be solved with imagination (with the imagination of a child). So in this game you don't have to navigate mazes or chase enemies or avoid aliens. You have to avoid being expelled! . This is a great genius sprinkled with details, which by being humble, make this one of the greatest.

Last but not least, how good it has to be that the worst thing that can be said it has is the sound, and yet you are presented with an unforgettable intro tune.